Building Management AI

Manage people, crowds, and loitering with existing cameras, without invading privacy

People Flow

Count and track people with existing security cameras, surfacing key trends and occupancy levels

Crowd, Loitering Detection

Identify crowds and loiterers in real-time, tracking patterns over time

Count and Track Foot Traffic

Turn existing security cameras into people-detecting smart cameras, no hardware required

People Flow, Crowd, and Loitering Heatmaps

Actuate’s AI detects and counts people, tracks their flow through your facilities, and outputs key analytics, including crowd and loitering detection.

Create heatmaps of activity down to the square foot using existing security cameras. Watch the video to learn more.

The system is built from the ground up to avoid bias and collects no personally identifiable information.

Additional Features

Threat Detection AI

Learn about Gun and Intruder Detection

COVID-19 Response

Explore Social Distancing AI

Software Only

Cloud-based AI integrates in minutes

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Explore Benefits

Learn how Actuate provides a layer of invisible security.

Use Cases

Learn how Actuate accelerates security response.


Learn more about Actuate's unique AI technology.

IT Integration

Learn about how Actuate integrates with your security system.

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