AI Automation 101

Helping Security Operations Teams Do More With Less

The Cost of Traditional Security Operations 

Traditional security operations rely heavily on security guards and operators. There are three primary ways to provide security for facilities: human guards, remote guarding, or a hybrid approach.  The costs associated with each approach vary based on the utilization of guards, operators, and technology.


Security by  the Numbers*

$72,000 - $96,000

Guards patrolling routes cover limited ground. They get tired, bored, and complacent. Turnover is incredibly high, which is especially problematic given the average total annual cost for hiring a guard in the United States: 

The Bottom Line:  Guards are a Huge Cost for Security Teams. 

Explore how AI can help security operations teams “do more with less.”


Fewer Wasted Hours


AI automation makes it possible for security operators to efficiently review frames that have been flagged for detected incidents rather than reviewing several hours of recorded footage.


More Efficient Use of Labor


With AI, false positives are dramatically reduced. With fewer but more relevant events to respond to, operators can ensure that guards get dispatched to the right place at the right time. 


Detect Threats with Video Analytics 2.0

Most video analytics providers only offer motion alerts, or at best, generic people and vehicle detection. In the real world, threats are much more complex and require security teams to react proactively and effectively.   As a result, modern video analytics systems need to accurately identify threats such as guns, crowds, and loiterers.


Computer vision allows computers to analyze digital images in real-time, taking analytics beyond people detection. This advanced technology makes it possible for computers to perform critical tasks like labeling objects and detecting potentially threatening behaviors.

Computer Vision 101


Tying It All Together

AI automation boasts impressive applications in physical security. Investing in advanced solutions like machine learning and computer vision provides a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to reduce costs and promote efficiency in their processes.


AI Automation in Action.

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