Actuate in Offices and Retail

Actuate builds computer vision software that turns any camera into a gun-detecting smart camera, enabling real-time response to gun violence.

The system uses existing cameras and video management systems, letting offices and retail establishments get the most out of their existing security investments. The software also detects adjacent threats, such as intruders, left objects, and vehicles, enabling end-to-end management of security without requiring additional hardware.

New York Real Estate Case Study

New York City is in the midst of a historic construction boom, but as towers rise, so do concerns about safety. Given current media coverage of workplace violence and terrorist threats, many building managers are increasingly concerned about the safety of their tenants and patrons in high-profile new developments.

Actuate partnered with a Manhattan developer to protect outdoor, retail, office, and entertainment facilities at its highest-profile site. The Actuate AI system instantly alerts security teams of brandished weapons and possible threats, enabling real-time responses to violence and providing patrons and tenants with peace of mind.

Get the New York City Real Estate case study to learn how Actuate allowed existing security resources to be used better, increasing security while reducing disruption: