About Actuate

Keeping our communities safe with AI video analytics

At Actuate, our goal is to keep people safe in any environment, without compromising privacy.

Our Story

Actuate Co-Founder Sonny Tai’s passion for threat prevention comes from his upbringing in South Africa, where family friends were part of the country’s high gun violence statistics. As the gun violence epidemic has swelled here in the U.S., Sonny’s background as a Marine Corps Captain led him to create Actuate.

By sourcing key feedback from major stakeholders—law enforcement, educators, other veterans—Sonny and our team understood that early, real-time threat information would help achieve our vision of a safer, more intelligent future.

We build threat detection systems using computer vision software and artificial intelligence, turning any security camera into a smart camera. We aim to accelerate security response time and improve safety outcomes during crisis scenarios while giving organizations the ability to protect against more daily concerns like theft, overcrowding, and loitering. We’re committed to making security systems more effective. Our lightweight software solution easily integrates with existing security camera systems without the need for on-site installation or other physical considerations.

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