AI Crowd Detection

Manage space utilization, occupancy, crowds, and loitering with existing cameras through Actuate’s AI crowd detection software.

Occupancy Management

Actuate's software works in real-time, enabling instant data collection and response.


Actuate is software-only, making it cost-effective and easy to implement.

Crowd Detection System Software Offers Cost-Saving Insights, Opportunities, & Peace of Mind

Occupancy management, fire code compliance, and security are all critical for public spaces and facilities. Yet passively monitoring spaces is expensive, providing few returns for its cost. There’s a better way to get the data you need to make informed decisions.

Actuate offers a comprehensive, AI-driven solution to identify cost-saving trends, people flow, and risk assessment – all through your existing cameras.

Actuate’s software provides more than just security and compliance. Heat mapping and additional data can help businesses determine trends around the best times to advertise, streamlined staffing, and product interest. Monitoring crowds with AI provides security and opportunity in equal measure.

Crowd Security & Detection is Vital Across Industries

Understanding how crowds operate is vital to the operation of your organization


Discover business opportunities around traffic while identifying loiterers.


Analyze key traffic patterns while keeping students safe from intruders.

Central Stations

Optimize transportation schedules around busy periods and track threats.

AI Crowd Detection Offers Utility Beyond Code Compliance

Security teams and facility managers have responsibilities that are core to the functioning of your organization. Actuate pushes beyond the basics to provide real value and actionable insights that can be deployed to benefit the people you serve.

Code Adherence

Occupancy and fire codes can be managed in real-time, alerting you to new crowds or potential violations.

AI Bias
Crowd Detection

Detect the size, duration, and location of crowds on any given timeframe to analyze patterns of behavior.

AI Information Security
Measure Success

Retailers can use Actuate’s heat mapping to determine data such as the efficacy of displays or peak hours of operation.

Cost Savings

Actuate’s cloud-based AI connects directly to your cameras, requiring no new hardware or infrastructure, helping you better distribute your staffing.


Actuate detects objects and actions, not individuals. Sensitive personal information is omitted, protecting you from compliance issues.

How Actuate’s Crowd AI Detection Works

Actuate connects your existing security cameras to our artificial intelligence cloud.

Gain key insights into traffic flows around occupancy management, fire codes, or product interest.

Receive immediate alerts around loitering, public disturbances, or potential threats.

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