Enhance Your Central Station Monitoring Software With AI

Actuate integrates with existing systems, dramatically improving operations in the process.

Increase Operator Efficiency

Actuate’s AI Model dramatically improves the “signal-to-noise” ratio, allowing operators to monitor a higher number of cameras.

Reduce False Alarms

Reduce false alarms by over 97% with exception-based monitoring that detects threats beyond humans and vehicles.


Are You Getting the Most out of Your Central Station Operations?

Central stations are often inundated with false alarms, causing operators to waste precious time and money on investigating non-real threats.

The key to increasing the effectiveness of central station operations is simple: reduce false alarms.

Actuate’s AI intruder detection software filters false alarms to reveal correct positive detections—enabling operators to do more with less.

Learn How Actuate Reduces Central Station Costs


Start reducing false alarms today.

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How Actuate Works With Central Stations

Reduce Wasted Hours

Actuate enables operators to rapidly pull up frames of detected incidents rather than browsing through recorded footage, saving dozens of operator-hours per month.

Decrease Downtime

Actuate’s Network Health Status Reporting notifies you when a camera is offline or obstructed from view, ensuring that your security camera system is fully operational at all times.

Increase Actionable Alerts

Actuate ensures that incoming alerts are highly likely to be actionable, dispatching guards and law enforcement to the right place at the right time.

Actuate is proud TMA member, trusted by Central Stations around the world:

IT Integration

Discover how Actuate seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Explore Benefits

Learn how Actuate adds a layer of invisible security to existing security cameras.

Use Cases

See real-life examples of Actuate's AI technology.


Ready for improved central station operations?

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