As a result of the increase in violence in the U.S., facility managers are looking for more advanced security solutions. Actuate provides sophisticated, AI-based software that enables you to successfully manage your facility.

As security standards and technologies change, property owners and managers must adapt their security solutions to reflect the increased need for the protection of their staff, assets, and buildings.

Remote guarding solutions supplement human guards by alerting them to situations that are more likely to be real threats, as opposed to requesting them to walk pre-planned patrol routes which often have easily exploited gaps in coverage.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a Business Might Pay Approximately $3,370 as the Result of a Single Vandalism Incident. 


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Applications for Using Remote Guarding

Actuate provides real-time artificial intelligence (AI) video analytics that assists your team with remote video guarding. Remote guarding solutions ensure fewer false positives and missed threats, and can greatly reduce security costs for organizations while alleviating threats to personnel, customers, and inventory. Actuate provides your business with high-level protection without hiring more security staff or overhauling your technology infrastructure. 


With the increase in school violence, education leaders must implement advanced security solutions to proactively prevent injury to students and staff. Actuate’s sophisticated technology merges with your existing security system to become an intruder and gun-detecting smart camera. This enables your administrators to execute instant, real-time responses to various security threats, and even save lives.

Public Spaces

Millions of people pass through public spaces every day, making those locations prime targets for various crimes that often go undetected. Actuate utilizes smart remote guarding to provide premium protection to the public. In fact, our system successfully identifies weapons with a 99% accuracy in less than five seconds.

For example, Actuate’s Left Object Detection feature analyzes how long an object – like a backpack – has been sitting in an area, abandoned by the owner. This component is a great security solution for events with a large attendance, providing protection to the attendees and venue.


Many hospitals do not have the resources to implement advanced security measures due to medical equipment expenses, patient demands, and the overall complex nature of healthcare. Actuate not only provides intricate security for your facility, but we can also employ Proximity Detection AI to ensure healthcare workers and patients remain at an appropriate social distance to reduce the spread of bacteria. 

Our Remote Guarding Software Ensures that Employees and Patients are Protected 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.


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How Does Remote Guarding Software Work?

With remote guarding, existing “passive” security camera systems become “active” smart cameras that automatically alert security teams of threats in real-time so they can respond to the situation faster and prevent theft or harm.

Actuate’s software is compatible with most systems. This allows building managers to save thousands each year on security solutions as our technology does not require additional hardware or operations.

We use cloud-based AI to simply “upload” the security software into your existing system to easily implement safer, more thorough protection for your facility. Our cloud deployments cut local network traffic and simplify network management, creating an easy integration.

Connect with Actuate’s Interactive Video Security Analysis to determine how Actuate’s software can fuse with your existing system.

Features of Remote Guarding Systems

Remote guarding solutions that use advanced computer vision software ensure instant and accurate detections every time, making it easier for staff to focus on real security breaches. Our cloud-based AI enables you to only pay for the storage you use, helping you to save even more over time.

Slip and Fall Detection

Reduce workplace injuries with our Slip and Fall Detection feature that catches and flags potential accidents and tags the video for review by facility managers.

Occupancy Management

Minimize loitering and improve traffic flow in your building with our Occupancy Management feature. This system does not collect personally identifiable information.

AI Gun-Detection

Actuate’s AI Gun-Detection feature can immediately identify a gun with 99% accuracy and alert security staff of the shooter’s identity and location.


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