AI Gun Detection

Instantly identifies guns with 99% accuracy using existing cameras and hardware.

React Before Shots Are Fired

Actuate detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired. This provides building security and law enforcement with precious seconds to address the situation.

The end result: minimized response time, faster emergency warnings to building occupants, and saved lives. No new hardware required.

277 active shooter incidents occurred between 2000 and 2018

COVID-19 Response SOlutions

Businesses and Schools made up over 60% of active shooter incidents

AI Bias

Between 2000 and 2018 there were 2,430 mass shooting victims

How it Works

The Science Behind Actuate's AI Tech

Deep Learning Algorithms

Actuate's AI technology uses a convolutional neural network (CNN) to replicate how a human brain would process information.

Cutting-Edge Data Science

The CNN is trained to recognize weapons from hundreds of thousands of images in a proprietary data set.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The system automatically identifies weapons in camera footage instantly, with well over 99% detection accuracy within the first 5 seconds.

Eliminate False Alarms

The cutting-edge AI technology eliminates false alarms by working seamlessly in different environments and lighting.


Actuate is 100% software-based, eliminating expensive and time-consuming hardware integrations.

No Hardware Required

Actuate integrates with existing cameras and video management systems, turning passive infrastructure into a proactive layer of security.

Actuate's Technology in Action

Learn how our AI software makes organizations safer from gun violence.

Tackling The Most Common Security Gaps

The 2018 Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting revealed that there were critical information gaps that limited the school’s security system’s effectiveness. Read how Actuate’s software can help prevent similar tragedies by eliminating information gaps in security.

View the Statistics on School Shootings

View the Case Study

How Actuate Improved Security at St. John’s

St. John Lutheran—a Wisconsin-based private school—successfully deployed Actuate’s software into the school’s existing cameras and video management system. Read how our software is ensuring a safer environment for staff and students at St. John.

View the Case Study


Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to install Actuate?

Actuate is computer vision software that integrates with your existing security camera system, so no additional hardware is required.

How does it work?

Actuate connects with your existing security camera system and constantly samples frames. Each frame is run through our deep learning algorithm that has been taught to recognize weapons. If a detection is made, the system will send an alert with the detected frame to your security team or designated staff. The alerts continue with real-time information on who, what and where as the active shooter situation progresses.

Who is Actuate for?

Actuate helps protect any organization from gun violence situations. Actuate is a proactive security layer that provides the real-time, critical information for law enforcement to respond 2-3x faster and delivers immediate early warning to building occupants.

Can you provide any accuracy metrics?

Actuate can detect a firearm instantaneously 99% of the time, and close to 100% within the first 15 seconds on a live security camera feed.

Can Actuate detect concealed weapons?

Actuate can only see what your security camera sees, except with better-than-human level attentiveness and accuracy. It does not see through clothing and bags.

How does Actuate help if the weapon has been drawn?

The average mass shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, yet it takes law enforcement an average of 18 minutes to neutralize the threat. Actuate provides real-time intelligence to first responders on where the shooter is, what they’re armed with, what they look like, and how many shooters there are. This information speeds up how quickly law enforcement can locate and neutralize the threat, and for emergency medical personnel to aid the wounded. If there is a security officer on staff, Actuate increases the probability of an intervention before shots are fired.

What are your privacy safeguards?

We don’t store any footage, except the frames where a detection was made. Those frames are retained strictly for law enforcement review.

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