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Physical Security Checklist

Physical security assessments are vital to protecting your company’s assets and the bottom line. Download our Free Physical Security Checklist to analyze common security risks that are often overlooked.


AI Meets Physical Security

According to a recent report released by the Security Industry Association (SIA), artificial intelligence is #1 on the list of trends expected to define physical security in 2021. But how can technology like AI serve to improve physical security? Read on to learn more.


Smart Video 101

This guide provides information on how a “smart” video surveillance system is architected, its capabilities and limitations, and the trade-offs of processing the analytics on the cloud vs. on-premise.

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Construction Site Security Guide

Actuate’s Construction Site Security Guide offers insights into the most common risk factors and best practices. Learn how through proper due diligence and planning, contractors can successfully mitigate and prevent the risk of theft.

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Actuate Overview Briefing

Actuate’s real-time weapon detection system turns any security camera into a gun-detecting smart camera. Get the briefing to understand how Actuate can help your organization.

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Actuate Intruder Detection

The Actuate AI system effectively protects facilities by detecting intruders using existing security cameras, eliminating the need for new hardware. Because it’s based on the latest deep learning AI technology, false positives are eliminated.

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Platform & VMS Integrations

While Actuate is compatible with almost any security camera system, it works best when used with a Video Management System (VMS). Learn which VMSes Actuate is compatible with here.

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Threat Tracking

Actuate provides real-time intelligence about the location, identify, and armament of the shooter through integrations with top Video Management Systems, giving security and law enforcement the tools they need to dramatically reduce response times.

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Cloud-Hosted Security Briefing

Next-generation physical security applications have high performance requirements that on-premise hardware struggles to meet. Cloud deployments are the solution to improving building security with new technology while reducing costs.

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Information Security and Compliance

By using existing, IT-approved security hardware and software, minimizing data retention, and leveraging world-class cybersecurity platforms, Actuate is compliant with IT and Privacy policies.