Dramatically Improve Your School’s Security System With AI-Enabled Monitoring

Actuate works with educational institutions of all types to provide their communities with improved security and peace of mind. Actuate’s technology turns any existing security camera into an intruder and gun-detecting smart camera, enabling instant, real-time responses to trespassing and brandished weapons. The system increases school administrations’ ability to react to threats without adding a visible layer of security, which could discomfort students.

How AI Software Dramatically Improves School Security Systems:

Fast Gun Detection
Detects Threats Before Shots Are Fired 

Actuate detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired.

Enables Real-Time Tracking

Actuate's real-time alerts continue to track moving threats, enabling school administrators to monitor a threat until the incident is resolved.

Utilizes Existing Systems

The Actuate system uses existing cameras and servers, requiring no up-front investment in additional hardware or operations.

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Learn How AI Can Make Schools and Universities Safer

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