Grant Assistance Program

Supporting school safety efforts by providing grant process assistance to schools

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Find the Right Grant for the Safety of Your School

The Grant Assistance Program (GAP) is a service that assists Actuate customers, specifically educators, in finding, applying for, and using applicable grants for school safety/violence prevention efforts. With the rise in grant funding opportunities for school safety initiatives, GAP is meant to support schools through every step of the grant process. At its core, Actuate strives to provide AI solutions to protect communities such as schools from public safety threats, and GAP is a continuation of these efforts.

GAP assists with: 

  • Researching and finding grants that are most suitable for your school
  • Offering guidance from experts in the field of grant development and expertise 
  • Tailoring your grant application to fit the guidelines of the grant, and to best convey the safety needs of your school 
  • Finalizing and submitting your grant application 


GAP is a free program for all prospective and current Actuate customers.

GAP is led by GAP is led by Dr. Don Gemeinhardt (Dr. G), a Subject Matter Expert in Law Enforcement with a Ph.D. in Education and whose expertise is in grant development and execution. 

Interested in GAP?

To get started, fill out the form below to set up an introductory meeting to discuss your school’s security priorities and objectives. After an initial meeting, GAP can spearhead the grant application process.

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