AI False Positive Reduction

Actuate's cloud-based AI detects intruders instantly, reducing false positives by 95%+

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Reduce False Positives with Intruder Detection

Turn existing security cameras into intruder-detecting smart cameras, no new hardware required

Eliminate False Positives and Improve Threat Detection

Existing threat detection systems suffer from rampant false positives, high costs, and inefficiencies. Actuate uses deep learning AI to eliminate traditional systems’ shortcomings, including motion-based false positives. 

Actuate’s AI software closely monitors spaces for instances of people being where they’re not supposed to be. The AI software instantly alerts security staff of unauthorized entries and individuals acting in a threatening manner—reducing false positives by 95%+.

Actuate’s advanced technology also includes detailed threat tracking capabilities that further protect facilities and organizations.

Actuate works with most existing security systems. and specializes in Central Station Deployments:

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Intruders and weapons are immediately identified as anomalies


Evaluating a detection simply requires human review of the image to confirm a threat

COVID-19 Response SOlutions

Low requirements results in compatibility with existing cameras, even legacy analog devices


Analyzes objects—not individuals—and stores no customer data, eliminating compliance and privacy concerns

AI Bias

Facial Recognition


Perpetrators are often security-approved students or employees, making facial recognition useless


Reacting to a detection is disruptive and requires apprehending a suspect and often results in dozens of daily false positives in busy spaces

COVID-19 Response SOlutions

Hard to achieve high accuracy with existing camera systems due to the high resolution required to tell faces apart


Facial recognition creates and stores extensive, personally identifiable information, creating a security and compliance challenge

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