Video Verification AI

Dramatically improve your central station operations without additional hardware.

Reduced Costs

Analyze 10X more camera footage and reduce costs by 60%

Improved Accuracy

Reduce false positives by 95%+ using highly advanced AI

Minimize False Negatives and Missed Detections with AI

Video Verification triggered by burglar alarms is the mainstay of many Central Stations, but it’s often slow, expensive, and prone to false negatives.

Actuate’s video verification AI minimizes false negatives and missed threats using advanced computer vision software for instant and accurate detections, every time.

The best part? Rather than running the software 24/7, Actuate’s video verification AI only surfaces alerts once an alarm is triggered, reducing costs by 60% while allowing operators to analyze 10x more video in the same amount of time.

How Actuate's Video Verification AI Works

When a burglar alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to Actuate flagging the video to employees.
Actuate's AI scans the footage and identifies any intruders, threats, or unusual activity.
The resulting alerts are instantly sent back to operators for review.

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