Dramatically Improve Workplace Safety With AI-Enabled Monitoring

Given the current media coverage of workplace violence and terrorist threats, many building managers are increasingly concerned about their tenants’ and patrons’ safety in high-profile new developments. Actuate’s AI software integrates with existing security systems, enabling real-time responses to violence and providing patrons and tenants with peace of mind.

How Actuate Addresses Safety in Public Spaces:

Detects Weapons

Actuate's system successfully identifies over 99% of weapons in less than 5 seconds, enabling security teams to respond instantly to threats.

AI Bias
Identifies Threatening Individuals

The Actuate system highlights cameras where individuals are brandishing objects in a threatening manner, even if they are not obviously weapons.

Fast Gun Detection
Sends Real-Time Alerts

Actuate alerts security staff to a threat's exact location without analyzing or storing personally identifiable information about tenants and guests.

Learn How Actuate Makes Public Spaces Safer

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