Real-Time AI Video Analytics

Join the 1,000+ companies and schools that use Actuate's AI technology to detect threats and reduce false positives

Gun Detection

Instantly detect visibly brandished guns

Intruder Detection

Detect unpermitted people and vehicles

Loitering Detection

Identify when a person dwells in camera view

Crowd Detection

Identify the formation of large groups of people

AI Beta Products

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AI Security Integration
Software Only

Low-cost, cloud-based integration. No new hardware required.

Real-Time Quick Alerts

Instant detections followed by informative alerts within seconds.

Minimizes AI Bias

Built to eliminate bias and respect privacy. Collects no personally identifiable information.

Join 1,000+ Schools and Companies that use Actuate


AI Camera Software for Any Organization

Actuate helps organizations be more secure—in the face of high risk, budget limitations and privacy concerns.

  • School Security

    Actuate protects students by improving police response time at schools and universities.

  • Construction Sites

    Actuate enables moveable construction cameras to automatically detect threats to safety and security.

  • Central Stations

    Actuate’s AI software enables central station operators to do more with less.

  • Public Spaces

    Alerts staff to threats at offices, shopping malls and other commercial buildings.

  • Hospitals

    Detects threats instantly in hospitals and clinics, keeping staff and patients safe.

  • Industrials

    Actuate makes industrial facilities a harder target using AI.

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Our Mission

"We need safe places to live, work, and play. Using my experience as a Marine veteran and business strategist, I’m leading Actuate to make the world a safer place."

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