Take a moment to reflect on how technology has changed the way people live over the past decade: Automation can turn lights on, and can even change the temperature on your thermostat. When it comes to security, public areas and places of business are now motion-activated, with fully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition software. 


Security Technology: Innovations of Today

We are now at the forefront of a new age in security technology, specifically in the sphere of mobile video surveillance. Remote surveillance is quietly transforming security, as drastically as the Internet did around 30 years ago. 

Gone are the days of the grainy security footage in your local department store. AI is now integrated into nearly every facet of traditional security structures. Central Stations are able to handle threats in a more efficient, proactive way, as compared to the traditional, reactive result of manned surveillance. 

The Expensive Trajectory of Manned Guarding

Though manned security continues to be the status quo, the rising costs and increased liability of manned guarding is rendering this solution unsustainable. In fact, the manned security industry is projected to total nearly a quarter-trillion dollars by 2024. 

This is triggered by global rising security needs as residential, commercial, and industrial (RCI) expansion increases the prevalence of crime within these sectors of infrastructure. The demand for manned security services has grown exponentially in the RCI sector, which includes the following entities:

  • Gated communities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Individual houses 
  • Corporate complexes 
  • Office buildings 
  • Shopping centers 
  • Mining zones
  • Power plants 
  • Chemical plants
  • Construction sites


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5 Ways Mobile Surveillance Is Transforming Security 

Mobile surveillance has the technological wherewithal to rapidly transform the security industry. Here are the primary factors that are contributing to mobile surveillance rising relevance in security

1. Advancement and Accuracy of AI & Deep Learning

AI has made substantial progress over the past decade. This technology can include any of the following: 

Actuate’s software integrates some of these capabilities through its AI gun detection, allowing for earlier detection of a looming threat. This system alerts authorities the moment a gun is detected on camera, saving precious moments before shots are fired, decreasing police response times, and possibly saving lives.

2. Reduced Need for Manned Guards

AI has the ability to record and process several events simultaneously, whereas manned guards are typically left to their own devices and the tools provided to them. This causes security gaps because the primary variable of the service is the human element. Humans by nature are unreliable and unpredictable, which can cause issues for security dependability. 

AI technology is more reliable in that its capabilities and operations remain consistent. AI does not take a break or become tired as humans do, but it is an ongoing, dependable resource that is important for safety and peace of mind. 

3. Increased Evidence for Police and Insurance Due to AI

In today’s circumstances, police have an abundance of data to sift through, whether it be curated audio or video, but the footage that the police use is often not organized or easily searchable. 

AI allows police to examine footage more easily, allowing for a streamlined, accurate investigation. Oftentimes this data includes transcribed audio and facial recognition, which enables law enforcement to swiftly decipher a threat or identify a potential target. 

Actuate AI device mockup showing that a weapon was detected at a particular location.

4. More Affordable, Accessible Security Methods

Mobile Surveillance and security are quickly becoming more cost-effective. Instead of paying a high salary for a group of manned guards, mobile surveillance is built into the existing security technology. 

Another aspect to consider is the availability of mobile video surveillance in today’s market. It is quickly becoming the industry standard for businesses to have some sort of mobile video surveillance technology in place, driving the availability of these products and services.

5. Ability to Track and Identify Characteristics Across Locations

Manned security may miss an assailant moving on-premise from one poorly-lit area to another, whereas AI has automated detection for any movement. This feature allows for the potential threat to be followed from one location to another.

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How Mobile Surveillance Enhances Security for Temporary and Remote Sites

Mobile video surveillance units have a valid use for temporary and remote sites. These systems can be easily moved from one location to another, making the units ideal for construction sites, parks, events, and parking lots. Some mobile surveillance units are solar-powered and do not require an electrical hookup, making them ideal for remote locations or in the event of a power outage.

What Makes Mobile Surveillance So Effective?

The advantages of mobile surveillance are countless. Some of the notable advantages include:

  • Reduced theft:
  • Reduced loss 
  • Reduced business costs 
  • Improved accessibility 
  • Improved storage 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Effective implementation

Many of these features are a stark improvement over the human elements of historical manned guarding. Mobile surveillance is necessary to better protect life and property for the remainder of the 21st century. 


Actuate’s AI Surveillance Software

At Actuate, we offer a software-only solution that uses our technologies to detect threats by turning any camera into a smart camera. 

Our software reduces false positives by over 95%. Some of our software features include reducing false positives, active shooter response, instant notifications, and real-time tracking. 

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