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The Benefits of AI-Based Crowd Detection in Public Spaces

In today’s world and in recent years, ensuring safety in public spaces has become a top priority. Real-time crowd detection is critical for identifying and responding to potential safety threats like gun violence, stampedes, or overcrowding. Actuate’s AI-based crowd detection system is designed to help keep people safe by providing real-time insights into the flow and density of crowds. By using Actuate’s AI-enabled monitoring system, building managers and security personnel can quickly and accurately analyze crowd movements and take immediate action to ensure safety.


The Ethics of AI in Security: Balancing Innovation and Privacy

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, there is growing concern over the ethical implications of AI-enabled video surveillance, particularly concerning privacy and bias. A 2019 American Civil Liberties Union report warns that such technology may compromise our civil liberties in dangerous ways. However, ethical considerations do not necessarily have to come at the expense of safety. 

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5 Ways That Mobile Video Surveillance Is Quietly Transforming Security

We are now at the forefront of a new age in security technology, specifically in the sphere of mobile video surveillance. Remote surveillance is quietly transforming security, as drastically as the Internet did around 30 years ago. Actuate’s cloud-based AI surveillance software provides cheaper, more effective threat detection than on-premise solutions, saving bandwidth costs and improving security hardware reliability.

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What is Remote Guarding and How Can it Help Your Business?

As security standards and technologies change, property owners and managers must adapt their security solutions to reflect the increased need for the protection of their staff, assets, and buildings. Actuate’s remote guarding software ensures that employees and patients are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is because we use cloud-based AI to simply “upload” the security software into your existing system to easily implement safer, more thorough protection for your facility – without hiring more security staff or overhauling your technology infrastructure.


Physical Security Industry Trends: Predictions for 2022

As an organization that leverages technology to enhance threat detection and increase accuracy in security monitoring, we are constantly looking out for the latest industry advancements and innovations; those redefining norms and setting new industry standards. As security needs and the dynamics of common spaces change over time, it’s vital to remain agile and reevaluate how our technology can be applied to fit those shifting needs.


Commercial Security System Design: Most Common Pitfalls

Doing more with less was the theme for 2021. With fewer resources, employees, and smaller budgets, the need to streamline operations without sacrificing accuracy presented new challenges in the security industry, especially for commercial buildings. These changes have brought up a lot of questions surrounding security system design. The processes that were once the standard in enterprise security management are no longer equipped to meet the demands of the digital age.

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Exploring the Modern Challenges of Manned Guarding

Let’s explore the shortcomings of manned security solutions and why a technology-driven approach that incorporates remote video monitoring is the most effective way to advance business continuity in today’s connected environment.

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Best Practices for Office Space Management

As offices begin to welcome back employees, companies are transitioning away from dedicated desks and into more flexible work environments. Facility managers are being called upon to reduce the total cost of occupancy by improving space utilization. Learn more.