According to OSHA, serious workplace violence incidents are four times more common in healthcare than in private industry.

Violence in hospitals is difficult to manage because of how large and complex healthcare facilities are. Security teams can only watch a small fraction of camera feeds and monitor a small part of a hospital or clinic at any given time.

Actuate’s real-time weapon detection system extends the reach of security staff, allowing them to monitor all cameras for real-time threats. Through Actuate’s AI technology, the cost of workplace violence in healthcare can be drastically reduced.

How Actuate Improves Healthcare Security:

Detects Threats Before Shots Are Fired 

Actuate detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired.

Turns Existing Cameras Into Smart Cameras

Actuate integrates with existing cameras and video management systems, freeing your security personnel to focus on higher-value tasks.

Utilizes Industry-Leading Accuracy

Actuate offers best-in-class weapon, intruder, and object detection, correctly identifying threats with over 99% accuracy.

Learn How Actuate Makes Healthcare Facilities Safer

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