AI Intruder Detection Software

Actuate’s intruder detection reduces false positives, improves operator efficiency and helps your team focus on high-value tasks.

Improved Accuracy

Cut false positives by 95%+ while protecting individual privacy

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Gain faster response times and redeploy security where it counts

Security Threats Have Evolved – Has Your Intruder Detection?

According to a study by the University of South Florida, observers missed three times as many intruders when required to monitor nine display monitors instead of four. With security demands escalating, new tools are required to deal with the challenges facing security teams.

Existing threat detection systems suffer from rampant false positives, high costs, and inefficiencies.

Actuate’s software detects intrusion by using your legacy camera systems to cut through the noise and accurately identify when people aren’t where they’re supposed to be and slashing false positives – no hardware integrations required.

Trespassing Affects Every Industry

Intruders pose major security threats to organizations of all types.


Suspicious intruders constitute 15.8% of security incidents

Central Stations

20% increase in MTA trespassers since 2019


20% increase in workplace violence against nurses, often by intruders

Facial Recognition is Not Sufficient for Intrusion Detection Systems

Security teams understand that human operators aren’t equipped to manage the massive amount of data required to protect against intruders. Facial recognition software creates an abundance of security and compliance challenges of its own. Actuate offers a superior alternative to both.

AI Bias
Drastically Reduce False Positives

Perpetrators are often security-approved students or employees, rendering facial recognition useless. Actuate only alerts to real anomalies, eliminating daily false positives.


Facial recognition relies on expensive high-resolution cameras to identify faces. Actuate’s software has been trained to detect objects and actions, not individuals.

Privacy & AI Bias

Actuate’s has been extensively tested to reduce human and AI bias, while erasing the security and compliance challenges that come with storing individual customer data.

Affordable & Effective

Actuate operates off your existing cameras, requiring no expensive hardware integrations. Actuate is less costly and more effective than armed security or metal detectors.

Vehicle Detection

Actuate’s intruder detection technology works to detect anomalous vehicles as well as people, optimizing your security beyond facial recognition.

What is an Intruder Detection System & How Does It Work?

Actuate connects your existing security cameras to our artificial intelligence cloud.

Security is immediately alerted of instances where people aren’t where they are supposed to be.

Operators can instantly review an image to confirm a threat, eliminating disruptive false positives.

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