Fast, Easy Integration

Actuate's AI Cloud requires no on-site hardware, making it fast and easy to implement

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Actuate uses existing cameras to empower security staff to do their jobs better. The system requires no up-front investment in additional hardware or operations and is optimized to use exceptionally low amounts of bandwidth while detecting weapons more effectively than on-premise solutions.

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Cloud-Hosted for Easy Integration

The AI system is completely cloud-based, and as such requires no new hardware, accelerating implementation and reducing IT burden, with minimal bandwidth usage

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Designed to Manage Bias and Privacy

Actuate is the most privacy- and compliance-focused AI security solution, providing stakeholders with peace of mind about physical security without creating concerns about cybersecurity or privacy

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Security System Compatibility

Actuate is compatible with almost any security camera system, but works best when used in conjunction with one of our Video Management System (VMS) partners.

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