Camera Health Monitoring

Proactively monitor the health of your security cameras and respond quickly to high-priority camera issues with actionable information provided by Actuate.

Ensure maximum visibility of the health of your camera systems

When the functioning and overall health of your security cameras are compromised, this can lead to a disruption of your security operations and the possibility of missing key security threats.

Actuate’s newest product optimizes security systems by providing a solution to automate the monitoring of the health and performance of security cameras. With the information provided by Actuate, users will be able to identify and respond quickly to unhealthy cameras, ultimately avoiding holes in your security workflow.

Receive actionable alerts and reports directly to your inbox

Users can receive alerts consistently throughout the day, with each alert including diagnostic information and actionable next steps to readily understand how to respond to an issue. Available through email and SMS.

Monitor camera health in real-time with the Camera Health Dashboard

The CHM Dashboard is a one-stop shop for all things camera health. The dashboard includes everything from general overview-level information to alert logs to more granular camera health details. The dashboard centralizes your camera health information to prevent tedious and lengthy camera investigations.

How Does Actuate Define "Camera Health"?

Camera Health Monitoring encompasses a wide variety of health metrics, all falling under the umbrella of optimal camera performance and covering various levels of severity.


Get notified when your cameras have lost connection due to invalid credentials, unreachable IPs, and various other causes.

Scene Change

Know when the view of your camera has drastically changed as a result of tampering, occlusion, physical movement.

Image Quality

Be made aware when your images are low quality and ensure that your images are clear and of adequate resolution.

Stream Quality

Get notified when your stream is unstable, interrupted, or degraded and understand why.

Motion Status

Know there has been no motion activity for 24 hours and maintain awareness of your motion settings.

Recording Status

Know when new footage is not being recorded and stored properly.

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