Theft and vandalism in industrial facilities can cost millions of dollars in annual losses.

Actuate’s AI software dramatically improves the security of industrial facilities by integrating with existing cameras and video management systems. The software detects adjacent threats—intruders, left objects, and vehicles—enabling end-to-end security management.

How Actuate Improves Safety at Industrial Facilities:

Fast Gun Detection
Identifies Intruders

Actuate's artificial intelligence software identifies people in unauthorized areas and immediately alerts when a person is detected.

Drastically Reduces False Positives

Actuate’s AI model improves detection accuracy and reduces false positives by over 97% with true exception-based monitoring.

Detects Weapons

Actuate's weapon detection software provides a second layer of security in the case of armed attacks, further hardening an industrial facility's infrastructure.

Learn How Actuate Makes Industrial Facilities Safer

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