Actuate in Education

In light of media coverage of school violence, many parents and staff are concerned about students’ safety and well-being while at school. Actuate works with educational institutions of all types to provide their communities with improved security and peace of mind.

Actuates’ technology turns any existing security camera into an intruder and gun-detecting smart camera, enabling instant, real-time responses to trespassing and brandished weapons. The system increases school administrations’ ability to react to threats without adding a visible layer of security, which could discomfort students.

The Actuate system uses existing cameras and servers to empower school officials and security staff to do their jobs better. The system requires no up-front investment in additional hardware or operations.

K-12 Case Study and Parkland Case Study

Actuate deployed intruder- and gun-recognition technology in Chicago-area public and private schools and a west coast school district to solve their security challenges.

The team also analyzed how AI Security could have decreased police response time in Parkland, Florida.

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