Identify Slip and Fall Incidents in Real Time

Actuate's AI identifies dangerous incidents using existing cameras, without invading privacy

Manage Liability

Identify and retain key footage of slip and fall incidents for legal review, reducing discovery and storage costs by 100x

Improve Safety

Real-time alerts of possible slip and fall incidents allow facilities staff to address building risks proactively

Real-Time Slip and Fall Alerts

Turn existing security cameras into slip and fall detecting smart cameras, no hardware required

Real-time Alerts

Actuate’s AI detects and flags possible slip and fall incidents in real time, tagging video for review by building staff. This enables facilities teams to improve building safety and security before it becomes a problem.

Targeted Data Retention

The Actuate Cloud retains video as long as required by legal guidelines, serving as a one-stop-stop, easy-to-use source for evidence collection in the case of litigation. Tagged videos reduces the amount of time required to find key evidence by 100x.

Highly Compliant

The system is built from the ground up to avoid bias and collects no personally identifiable information

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Additional Features

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AI Security Integration
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Cloud-based AI integrates in minutes

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