Workplace Safety  in The Age of AI

Protecting Employees, Staff and Bottom Lines

PPE compliance, accidental falls, intruders, and violent threats are often at the top of workplace  safety concerns.  With so many potential incidents to consider, AI video analytics offer a holistic solution to cost-effectively protect employees, staff, and bottom lines.  

The Challenge of Workplace Safety

View the Stats on Workplace Safety

The Numbers

preventable  workplace deaths per year 



workplace assaults resulting in injury per year


non-fatal injuries resulting from slips & falls per year 

2019 U.S. Data*

$171 billion

total cost of workplace injuries in 2019

"Fatalities should never be the cost of doing business." 

No matter the type of safety incident, early detection and response are critical for better workplace safety.  About 90% of organizations have security cameras yet many  are unmonitored. The result: costly missed detections and slow response times.  

Bridging the Gap Between Incident and Response

How AI Can Help

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are 9,000 PPE-related incidents each year. With AI-enabled cameras, computer vision technology constantly monitors PPE usage on the job and instantly alerts staff of  safety violations.

AI Application #1:  PPE Monitoring

AI Application #2:  Slip & Fall Detection

In 2019, 880 workers died in fall-related incidents. AI detects and flags possible slip and fall incidents in real-time, enabling facility teams to improve building safety—before it becomes  a problem.

The average response time to an active shooter is nearly 3X greater than the event's duration. AI-enabled cameras detect weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired so law enforcement can arrive at the scene faster.    

AI Application #3: Gun Detection

AI in Action

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