COVID-19 Response

Detect social distancing and mask issues, no hardware required.

COVID-19 Response SOlutions

Social Distancing Detection

Ensure that staff and customers remain 6 ft apart, enabling reminders to stay safe

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Mask Detection

Track face covering compliance rates and identify problem areas

A still screenshot of a social distancing violation as flagged by Actuate's social distancing detector software.

AI Social Distancing Detector

Companies are seeking solutions to help keep employees and guests safe upon returning to work. Unfortunately, there are few options: Social distancing and fever screening are hard to enforce.

That’s where Actuate comes in: Actuate’s social distancing detector platform uses industry-leading AI to ensure that building occupants stay 6 feet away from each other, and mask detection tracks compliance and identifies problem areas. 

Detailed alerts of social distancing violations are then sent to building staff and include daily, hourly, or weekly reporting of gathering hotspots.

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How it Works

Easy-to-Use, Effective Social Distancing Detection

Identify Threats in Real-Time

Actuate's AI connects to existing security cameras and requires no new hardware, identifying intruders and a lack of social distancing in real-time.

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Cloud-Based AI

The pandemic moves quickly, so you can't wait for a slow implementation process. Actuate's AI cloud can be up and running in 15 minutes.

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COVID-19 Response SOlutions
Maintain the "New Normal"

It's hard to adjust to social distancing, and Actuate is there to help. The AI detects people within 6 feet of each other, enabling reminders to stay safe.

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Actuate's Threat Detection AI Cloud is software-only, making it budget-friendly and easy to implement

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