Social Distancing AI and Intruder Detection are available: Discover AI for COVID-19 response

Instant Threat Detection

AI that detects guns, intruders, and social distancing issues in real time using existing cameras.

Featured Customers

  • Education

    Actuate protects students by improving police response time at schools and universities.

  • Offices and Retail

    Alerts staff to threats at offices, shopping malls and other commercial buildings.

  • Hospitals

    Detects threats instantly in hospitals and clinics, keeping staff and patients safe.

  • Industrials

    Actuate makes industrial facilities a harder target using AI.

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Our Story

Actuate unites a Marine Corps Captain, Microsoft AI PM, data scientists, engineers, and security experts with the mission of gun violence mitigation.

"We need safe places to live, work, and play. Using my experience as a veteran and business strategist, I’m leading Actuate to help reduce the impact of gun violence."

We're here to help make your organization safer using AI