Response Time Matters: School Shooting Statistics

The Dangers of Slow Response Times

In most school shooting incidents, the average response time is much greater than the average incident duration. This unfortunate gap in time means that law enforcement often arrives on the scene after the incident has occurred.

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The Sobering Numbers*

12.5 minutes

average response time of campus and local law enforcement

average duration of an active shooter incident

18 minutes

How Do These Incidents Typically End?

When a school shooting incident is finally over, the aftermath can leave ripples in the surrounding community for years to come.

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Most Common Outcomes*





Suicide (9.4%)

Escaped (24.3%)

Apprehended (37.7%)

Surrendered (10.1%)

What Can Be Done To Reduce Response Times?

Learn how the latest AI technology can help dramatically reduce response times to school shootings.


Prioritize Fast, Actionable Information


Real-time AI weapon detection allows cameras to provide law enforcement with instant alerts to a threat, accelerating their response. 


Leverage Existing Systems


AI software can use existing cameras to proactively identify threats, ensuring law enforcement and building occupants have a clear view of a threat, maximizing their ability to respond—while minimizing security investment.