We are pleased to announce that Actuate is now available to Immix customers through AI Link

Unique features of Actuate through AI Link include:

  • Single and Multi-frame processing 
  • Dynamic frame sampling
  • Enhanced masking with ignore zones
  • Stationary vehicle filter
  • Precision and recall tracking tool for accuracy

For more information, visit the dedicated support page for Actuate on the Immix Support portal. 

About AI Link: AI Link is an API offered by Immix, the industry leader in physical security software automation. It allows AI technology to seamlessly integrate to its Immix® software suite to reduce the number of false or nuisance alarms that hit a central station operator queue. Read more about AI Link here.

About Actuate: Actuate is a premium provider of real-time, threat detection software known for exceptionally accurate AI solutions and world-class customer service. Our AI technology instantly turns security video footage into actionable intelligence for security operators while also drastically reducing false positives. With no additional hardware required, the cloud-based software seamlessly integrates with and optimizes existing security systems. As a result, our solutions are a cost-effective, impactful alternative to traditional security video monitoring practices. Actuate serves a variety of central stations, industrial facilities, and private/public spaces such as schools and retail establishments, all with the goal of bringing improved efficiencies to remote video monitoring and keeping our communities safe.

About Immix: Immix is a global provider of software automation that improves the ability of commercial central stations and command centers to manage and respond to security events. Immix is deployed successfully in a wide variety of environments including the central station, transportation, education and enterprise markets. Immix supports the largest integration library in the industry, enabling ease of deployment and system administration for a wide variety of organizations across the globe.