From Amazon:

Computer vision startup Actuate AI had a novel idea for identifying threats through security footage. Instead of focusing on facial recognition, which can be expensive, biased, and unreliable, the company set out to use artificial intelligence (AI) object recognition to detect weapons using security camera footage. The result of its efforts was a system that identifies weapons and intruders in real time and notifies stakeholders of immediate threats. However, Actuate AI didn’t want to impose expensive hardware costs on its customers’ security systems, so it knew it would need substantial cloud compute power for offsite inferencing and for scaling as the company grew.

Actuate AI found an effective solution in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud, and a number of other Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services. This solution enabled Actuate AI to offer an affordable, high-level security layer to existing systems for schools, businesses, and the US military. “We run on the cloud using AWS,” says Actuate AI cofounder and chief technology officer Ben Ziomek, “which lets us offer solutions that are more flexible, faster to install, and less expensive than those from almost anyone else on the market.”

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