Sirix overview 

 Sirix was founded in 2016 by Daniel Cyr and Jonathan Potvin in Laval, Canada, with the goal of providing outstanding live video monitoring and remote site management services throughout North America for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. This venture began a few years after Daniel and Jonathan took over a Security Operations Center (SOC), signifying a move from traditional security solutions like installations and guard tasks to a more technologically advanced approach. Sirix CEO Daniel Cyr emphasized: “The market needed a sophisticated third-party security operations center. We recognized a great chance to fill this gap and rethink security services.” Sirix was founded on this ambition, which still drives its growth and innovation. 

The Challenge

 Car dealerships presented unique security challenges, particularly with large outdoor lots. Obstacles such as flags, trees, and varying lighting conditions often triggered false alarms in AI-integrated cameras, distracting operators from real threats. Sirix's Executive VP, Jonathan, noted, "Our clients needed a solution that could discern between actual threats and benign movements like waving flags, especially after hours when vehicles are most vulnerable." 

The Solution

 The integration of Actuate's Intruder Detection AI Cloud solution significantly enhanced perimeter security at these dealerships. This technology is compatible with any camera brand and model, transforming them into intelligent devices within 24 hours. The solution increases the detection range without the need for onsite hardware and substantially reduces false alarms, easing the burden on Sirix's remote operators. Additionally, visual metadata, highlighted by a bright purple bounding box around detected intruders, facilitates the rapid identification of threats. 

Our Experience

Reflecting on their partnership with Actuate, Daniel and Jonathan shared, "The expertise and responsiveness of the Actuate team stand out. They swiftly address inquiries and actively incorporate our feedback into their solution updates. We're proud to collaborate with a leading North American company that enhances our operational efficiency."