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In early 2020, Genesis’ Monitoring Center was facing an influx of false positive motion alerts. This high influx was costly and endangering the center’s profitability, so Genesis sought an analytics partner that could reduce false positive alerts to focus on true threats. The below case study reveals how Actuate’s remote guarding and monitoring technology offered the most desirable solution to Genesis’ growing security challenges.

How Actuate’s AI Software Improved Operations at Genesis:

Reduced False Positives

Actuate reduced false positives by 97%, enabling Genesis' central station operators to monitor cameras more effectively.

Increased Savings

Actuate reduced the need for post-crime forensic analysis due to real-time detection, allowing for Genesis to pass cost savings to their customers.

Minimized Downtime

Actuate’s daily camera status report notified Genesis whenever a camera was offline or obstructed from view, effectively minimizing system downtime.

Improved Insights

Actuate's user-friendly dashboard made it possible for Genesis to quantify cost savings and provide enhanced security insights to their customers.

remote guarding and monitoring case study for genesis security services

About Genesis

Genesis Security Services, Inc. (GSS) is a company that boasts over 20 years of experience in alarm monitoring and remote guarding.

"This year, we evaluated AI analytics to increase detection accuracy, improve operator effectiveness, and differentiate ourselves as a leader in the monitoring industry that adopts the latest AI technology to protect our customers' assets. Actuate beat out all other solutions due to its accuracy and ease."

Yasel Morales

Director of Technology, Genesis Security Services, Inc.

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