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Actuate turns your existing security cameras into gun and intruder-detecting smart cameras

Accelerate Security Response

Actuate proactively identifies active shooter and intruder threats

Intruder Detection

Detects people where they're not supposed to be, without the privacy implications of facial recognition.

Actuate Intruder Detection
Active Shooter Response

Actuate constantly analyzes each security camera frame for possible weapon threats and intruders. We trained our software algorithm to identify what is a gun and what is not.

AI Security Overview
Instant Notification

When the software detects a visible weapon or intruder, it issues an immediate alert to designated staff members with the exact location, firearm type, and information about the assailant(s).

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Real-time Tracking

Real-time alerts continue to track moving threats, enabling the organization respond to the threat until the incident is resolved.

Threat Tracking Overview

Making Any Space Safer

Actuate helps organizations be more secureā€”in the face of high risk, budget limitations and privacy concerns.

  • Education

    Actuate protects students by improving police response time at schools and universities.

  • Offices and Retail

    Alerts staff to threats at offices, shopping malls and other commercial buildings.

  • Hospitals

    Detects threats instantly in hospitals and clinics, keeping staff and patients safe.

  • Industrials

    Actuate makes industrial facilities a harder target using AI.

The Future of Security

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Actuate's cloud-based AI provides cheaper, more effective threat detection than on-premise solutions, saving bandwidth costs and improving security hardware reliability.

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Secure Infrastructure

Actuate is built from the ground-up to improve physical security without compromising cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance.

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