AI Video Analytics Solutions

Actuate's AI video analytics software transforms pre-existing systems into advanced security solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Drastically reduce false positives, then go beyond with advanced features like gun and crowd detection.

Uses Existing Hardware

Actuate's cloud-based efficiency means fast deployment and no on-site installation.


Optimize Existing Security Systems With AI

Actuate’s AI video analytics software seamlessly integrates with pre-existing systems to create advanced security solutions. 

From gun detection to social distancing enforcement, our software can be used in a diverse range of applications without the need for additional hardware.


Explore How Actuate's AI Video Analytics Software Is Used

False Positive Reduction

Actuate’s AI model improves detection accuracy and reduces false positives by over 97% with true exception-based monitoring.

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Gun Detection

Instantly identify guns with 99%+ accuracy using existing cameras and hardware—before shots are fired.

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Fast Gun Detection
Building Management

Manage people, crowds, and loitering with existing security cameras without invading privacy.

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Left Object Detection

Actuate’s Unique AI Left Object Detection Feature Detects Dropped Objects in Real-Time

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World-Class Cloud Hosting

Actuate uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Azure to host its AI engine. AWS and Azure are trusted by global organizations because of their best-in-class cybersecurity processes and teams, freeing IT from worrying about the Actuate platform’s security.

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