Left Object Detection

Actuate’s Unique AI Left Object Detection Feature Detects Dropped Objects in Real-Time

left object detection feature for video analytics systems

Detects Left Objects In Real-Time

Using the power of AI, Actuate’s left object detection feature for security camera systems tracks left objects overtime, sending an alert when a visitor leaves an object behind.

abandoned object detection video analytics powered by AI

Uses Existing Hardware

Actuate's cloud-based efficiency integrates seamlessly with existing security systems, which means fast deployment and no on-site installation.


Ineffective security management can endanger lives and cause significant economic losses in the case of abandoned objects in public spaces.

An object is an unattended object if it is deliberately left someplace and is untouched or unutilized over a period of time. Increased security concerns drive the need for intuitive and efficient surveillance systems that can detect and recognize such questionable objects in public places.

Optimize Existing Security Systems With AI Left Object Detection

Actuate’s Left Object Detection software feature actively monitors areas such as shopping malls, airports, and subway stations to detect objects that have been left behind for a given period of time.

One of the most recognizable benefits of this software is that it removes the need for security guards 24/7 – this alone minimizes the possibility of human error and quickens alert time giving notice to people immediately facing a left object threat.

How It Works

Add this feature to your Existing Security System

Actuate integrates with existing security systems, so there’s no need to purchase additional hardware.

Set Customizable Object Tracking Alerts

Setup custom parameters to receive an alert when the object is left for any amount of time (i.e: 5 minutes or 1 hour).

Receive an Alert When an Object is Left Behind

Based on the time you set, you’ll receive an alert when an object has been left for more than a specific amount of time.

Keep People Safe & Detect Threatening Objects Fast With AI

  • Actuate’s left object detection feature uses computer vision AI to study an area over a length of time and learn of anomalies that can pose risks.
  • Customizable features allow users to modify the size and shape of objects for the software to monitor, reducing false positives.
  • This feature works in a number of different types of light, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

Use Cases

Actuate helps your organization stay secure with real-time left object detection.

Airports, train stations, and subway stations can monitor for left objects such as suitcases, preventing potential terrorist attacks.

Detect left objects in strip malls and parking lots, for example, abandoned cars.

Alert staff to abandoned objects in shopping malls, office buildings, and other commercial buildings.

Reduce liability with 24/7 monitoring for safety threats caused by abandoned objects.

Detect left objects in strip malls and parking lots, for example, abandoned cars.

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