Actuate Joins Forces with the National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association

NEW YORK, NY – Actuate, the computer vision technology company behind the leading threat- and intruder-detecting AI software, today announced its partnership with the National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association (NAORCA). Through this affiliation, Actuate and NAORCA will utilize their combined strength to combat the growing threat of retail crime.

Actuate uses a custom AI model to detect threats and intruders as soon as they’re visible, as well as track behaviors such as loitering, crowds, social distancing, and mask compliance. The system then notifies designated personnel, providing them with advance notice of potential theft or a violent event. Its technology cuts down on false positives from existing security systems by 95%, allowing security teams to focus on responding to threats, rather than identifying them in the first place.

“The Covid 19 Pandemic, and massive unemployment has led to increased violence at retail stores, hospitals, universities and other industry sectors,” said Christopher J. McGourty, Founder & Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide. “Actuate helps businesses monitor Covid 19 protocols and provides real time protection against gun violence in these vital sectors. NAORCA Worldwide and Actuates collaboration aims to protect customers, employees, vendors and give law enforcement more tools to keep our communities safe.”

“With the rate of thefts and violence in retail and public spaces rising throughout 2020, it’s key that AI technology can play a part in keeping retail customers and operators safe,” said Ben Ziomek, CTO, Actuate. “Working with a partner like NAORCA will help us get Actuate into the right hands and installed at retail establishments across the country to ensure that customers feel safe as they return to in-person shopping.”

About Actuate

Actuate is an AI company that builds computer vision software to turn any security camera into an intruder- and threat-detecting smart camera, reducing false positives by 95%+ and giving security teams the advance notice they need to respond to theft and threats. Former Marine Sonny Tai, CEO of Actuate, and Ben Ziomek, CTO of Actuate, co-founded the company with the mission of addressing America’s gun violence epidemic. The product features include alerting customers to unauthorized entry to customer facilities, as well as catching individuals acting in a threatening manner even before weapons are fully visible. For more information, visit

About The National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association

The National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association was established in 2012 and is a growing association of corporate security and law enforcement officials tackling organized retail crime. The association believes the best way to defeat this criminal activity is through collaboration, education, training, and awareness and tougher stronger legislation. NAORCA is passionate and dedicated to the cause and strongly believes they can make a global impact. For more information, please visit